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Pastor John Beeman
CURRENT MESSAGE SERIES: “Next Steps”.  Being a Christian is more than just liking Jesus or knowing about Him.  It’s becoming like Him.  Everyone has a Next Step to take toward Jesus, whether it’s your first one or one in a long journey with God.  What’s your Next Step

January 2019

Steps to Follow

Vision: REACH 2019

December 2018

Tell Them of His Love

From Despair to Deliverance

From Slavery to Freedom

From Sin to Savior

The Presence of the Holy Spirit

November 2018

The Power of the Holy Spirit

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

The Protection of the Holy Spirit

The Person of the Holy Spirit

October 2018

Unlimited Grace

Unlimited Call

Unlimited Prayer

September 2018

Unlimited Church

Unlimited Vision

Unlimited Salvation

Intentional Living

How to Be an OCD Christian

August 2018

Intentional Turning