Vera’s Sanctuary


Vera’s Sanctuary is the first residential site in Orange County dedicated to sex trafficking victims.

We provide drug treatment, therapeutic services and vocational services to foster youth and young women lacking family support who has been victims of trafficking 15-24 years old.

Vera’s Sanctuary is a picturesque remote site surrounded by wildlife, nature and beauty in the Trabuco Canyon area.  A wonderful place to heal from trauma and abuse.

The young women residing with us receive everything they need to get their lives back on track from therapy to high school and vocational education to job training, internships, including automobile matching and savings plans.

Each young woman has their own bedroom.  While living with us the young women will also participate in our culinary program which includes sustainable gardens and cooking as well as our health and wellness program which includes yoga and meditation.

Our goal is a transformation experience that leaves the young women in a healing state that sets their life back on track for good.   All young women successfully graduating will be set with a full time job and residence upon graduation.

They are in need of volunteers.  Please sign up at our CONNECTION table or contact Ericka Donahoe to find out more about opportunities.
Please visit The Teen Project website to donate money and to find out more.  Thank you!