Marriage Ministry

FOR YOUR MARRIAGE – A SINGLE SESSION MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT CLASS – SUNDAY MAY 19 @ Noon at Stonecreek.  Does your marriage need a boost?  Join us after worship for a lunch and a short meeting that is sure to jump-start your relationship.  Sign up at the CONNECTION table.
Here at Stonecreek we take the health of marriages very seriously.  Strong, fruit-bearing families are the literal foundation of a healthy society, and the marriage relationship is the basis of not only what a family can and will become, but also how willing and available individuals are to advance the Kingdom of God on Earth.  The Bible has a wealth of wise counsel on how to have successful, loving marriages.  Join with us – don’t try to go it alone!
We are currently offering four different studies at different times throughout the year.  Two of them are 9-week transformative courses brought to you by Marriage Dynamics InstituteDynamic Marriage and United.  The other two are 6-week “lighter” studies based on Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Marriage and Gary Chapman’s The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted.

The leaders of the Marriage Ministry are Mark and Keri Posthill, 949-540-5927.  Please contact them for further information.  They are always in search for more leader couples who have a heart to help people create and maintain happy, healthy marriages, so if you are so inclined please let them know! 

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