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Pastor John Beeman
Current message series:   EPHESIANS – Our blessings in Christ are innumerable!  Our identity, serving the world in love, relating to our family and others in love, and the ability to overcome the enemy are big ones but just a few!  Join us for a joyful in-depth study of the book of Ephesians.  

November 2019

The Great Submission

Get Your Fill

Making the Most

October 2019

Look Alikes

Grow Up!

Ones for All

September 2019

A Study of Ephesians

Power Plants

Bout That Life

Mystery Lesson

August 2019

Give Peace a Chance

Grace Anatomy

Art of Grace

How to Build Better Relationships

July 2019

That You May Know


Stressing Our Blessing

Colts Coach Tony Dungy, leading his team in prayer after 2007 Super Bowl Victory.

Richer than We Think

June 2019

Fear Not!

What’s Your Problem?