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Pastor John Beeman
Current message series:   LIFE HACKS – LIVING IN MODERN-DAY BABYLON.  A “life-hack” is a clever way to solve everyday problems.  As followers of Jesus, we need to think creatively when considering how to navigate upstream in a downstream world.  These lessons are taken from a genius life-hacker named Daniel.

May 2019

You Are Not in Control

You Are Going to Die

April 2019

“Nothing” Matters

Surprise Party

Party Time

March 2019

Let’s Begin with What We Know

House Party

Let’s Get It Started!

Tell Your One

My Grief Is My Love

February 2019

Serve Others

Give Generously

Do Life Together

Live Differently

January 2019

Connect with God

Worship Regularly

Steps to Follow

Vision: REACH 2019

December 2018

Tell Them of His Love

From Despair to Deliverance