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Pastor John Beeman
Current message series:   LIFE HACKS – LIVING IN MODERN-DAY BABYLON.  A “life-hack” is a clever way to solve everyday problems.  As followers of Jesus, we need to think creatively when considering how to navigate upstream in a downstream world.  These lessons are taken from a genius life-hacker named Daniel.

September 2017

Together We Make a Difference

The god Named ME

The two video clips shown during today’s sermon can be found here:
Video #1 – It’s all about me
Video #2 – The Stool

The god Named Work

August 2017

The god Named Control

The god Named Success

The god Named More

July 2017


Wrestling with Nearness

appreciate anyTHING

You Should Just Give Up

You Can Never Change

June 2017

Baptism: A Reflection of Jesus

Our Father

How to Become a Christian

You Deserve to Be Happy

May 2017

You Can Fix This Yourself

You Don’t Have What It Takes

Little House on the Freeway

Heaven – Heaven Helps Us

April 2017

Heaven – From Here to Eternity