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Pastor John Beeman
Current message series:   LIFE HACKS – LIVING IN MODERN-DAY BABYLON.  A “life-hack” is a clever way to solve everyday problems.  As followers of Jesus, we need to think creatively when considering how to navigate upstream in a downstream world.  These lessons are taken from a genius life-hacker named Daniel.

April 2017

Heaven – Don’t Miss It for the World



March 2017




do someTHING

February 2017

steward everyTHING

own noTHING

Due to some technical issues, we were not able to record today’s sermon.  However, the sermon notes are available.  We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Fostering Faith in a Family


January 2017

You Are Here!

Love Where You Go

Love Where You Work

Love Where You Live

All Things New

Note:  We apologize that the first few minutes of this sermon was not recorded.

December 2016

In Heaven

In the Village

In the Country

In the City