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Pastor John Beeman
Current message series:   LIFE HACKS – LIVING IN MODERN-DAY BABYLON.  A “life-hack” is a clever way to solve everyday problems.  As followers of Jesus, we need to think creatively when considering how to navigate upstream in a downstream world.  These lessons are taken from a genius life-hacker named Daniel.

November 2016


Forgive Me for the Times I Was Not Grateful



October 2016


How I Came to Christ

Anger That Fuels Us

The Lie, the Spy, and God’s Supply

Pride That Motivates Us

September 2016

Guilt That Overwhelms Us

Fear That Drives Us

It’s Too Late to Make a Difference!

It’s Too Late to Start Over!

August 2016

It’s Too Late to Say I’m Sorry!

It’s Too Late to Ask for Help!

Price of Change

Deceit of Riches

July 2016

Fearing Rejection

Sowing the Seeds

The Joy of the Lord