December 2019


Christmas Eve Message

September 2019

Bout That Life

August 2019

How to Build Better Relationships

June 2019

Fear Not!

What’s Your Problem?

Myth: My Dad Doesn’t Know Anything

March 2019

Let’s Begin with What We Know

My Grief Is My Love

December 2018

Tell Them of His Love

September 2018

How to Be an OCD Christian

August 2018

The Good Samaritan

May 2018

The Mother of All Battles

April 2018

Love the Word!

January 2018

A Powerful Blessing

December 2017

Victory Sunday

September 2017

Man of Sorrows – the Humanity of Jesus

Due to technical issues, the sound quality of the first 7 minutes of Dr. Grana’s recording is poor.  We apologize and ask for your patience as you listen to this very worthwhile message.

Together We Make a Difference

July 2017

Wrestling with Nearness

June 2017

Baptism: A Reflection of Jesus